Dental32 proudly offers specialized care in both periodontal and endodontic treatments.  Our office is unique in that we have two brothers who are specialists in these two fields of dentistry.  Dr. Clinton Falk is a periodontist who provides a wide range of surgical therapies including, but not limited to, dental implants, extractions and esthetic gum surgeries.  Dr. Kenneth Falk is an endodontist who specializes in root canal therapy intended to maintain an infected or inflamed pulpally involved tooth.


Our team of friendly, experienced staff relies on the most advanced modern technology along with caring, highly professional service, so you receive the most comprehensive dental care possible.  Visit Dental32 services to see the wide range of treatments offered at our office.


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Our Services


Dr. Falk and his team provide excellent care to treat gum disease and bone loss.

wisdom teeth

Dr. Falk performs wisdom tooth removal.

gum recession

Dr. Falk offers many treatments to correct receding gums.


Dr. Falk offers complete tooth replacement with the use of dental implants as an alternative to having dentures.

cosmetic surgery

Dr. Falk offers a variety of treatments to give you a more attractive smile, including crown lengthening, gum recession treatment, and dental implants.